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Medicine Application

Medicine Application

Our medicine is a mixture of 13 mothers tinctures - homeopathic along with the Glycerine added in it and is provided in the spray bottles to be applied Thrice a day on open wounds affected area should be kept open for better and faster recovery.

If it cannot be kept open for long, we suggest to keep it open particularly after application of the medicine for as much time as possible.

If wounds are deep and cannot be kept open then we suggest to put make the gauge wet with the medicine and gently put it inside the wound and cover it with sterilized gauge after applying medicine on the inside of the gauge and tape the gauge only at the corners of the gauge and net across the gauge leaving the top centre of the wounds open, able to breathe as much as possible. More its kept open better it is and recovery would be faster.

Please feel free to call us for guidance as to how to use and care for such wounds /sores at +91-981-845-2288.