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Let's Serve the Humanity

This is for the information of all that with the Grace of God we treat any kind of OPEN WOUNDS including BED SORES and with His Grace many severe cases have been cured.

Being the blessing of GOD thus NO CHARGE OR FEES. Medicine & guidance provided free of cost till the patient recovers.

Lets save the suffering souls

Our Mission

Lets save the suffering souls.

"O Lord" make us worthy to serve and heal the body of suffering souls through our lands and strength our belief that its you who HEALS and no-one else.

Its your kindness that you are getting it done through us, we are thankful to you every moment.

Lets join hands in serving, Together we can do something beautiful in the name of the Lord God.

God loves the world through us and all those who share the work through us.

Types of Bed Sores

Bed Sores

Bedsores are the open wounds caused by pressure on the particular part of the body or due to burning of the top lair of the skin because of TOXICS released by the body and gets aggravated due to the same remaining covered and is always under pressure as a result of which the wound or affected area does'nt get the Oxygen/air to breathe and aggravates.
Sometimes the sores are also caused due to blockage of Vains carryieng the bad blood to the heart for purification etc.Majority of them we have noted are around Tail Bone, Back, shoulders, anckles, Hips, Buttocks.

Types of Bed Sores


Our medicine is a mixture of 13 mothers tinctures - homeopathic along with the Glycerine added in it and is provided in the spray bottles to be applied Thrice a day on open wounds affected area should be kept open for better and faster recovery.

If it cannot be kept open for long, we suggest to keep it open particularly after application of the medicine for as much time as possible.

How to apply Medicine
Medicine Application

His Sewak

Harpreet Singh

The Medicine has an immense healing power to treat wounds, since it has worked well for my brother who is confined to bed for at the last 10 months and was having bed sore. We are thankful to you dear Harpreet ji and above all you are very humble and appreciate your efforts to serve the humanity without any cost to the beneficiary.

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