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Types of Bed Sores

Bedsores are the open wounds caused by pressure on the particular part of the body or due to burning of the top lair of the skin because of TOXICS released by the body and gets aggravated due to the same remaining covered and is always under pressure as a result of which the wound or affected area does’nt get the Oxygen/air to breathe and aggravates. Sometimes the sores are also caused due to blockage of Vains carryieng the bad blood to the heart for purification etc.Majority of them we have noted are around Tail Bone, Back, shoulders, anckles, Hips, Buttocks .

Generally, as per our experience, there are three types of Bed Sores/ wounds/pressure sources



Mainly starts during hospitalization when a patient is in the ICU etc where for natural calls movement is restricted and diaper is put.

Every time URINE or STOOL is passed the diaper is not cleared/ cleaned immediately for various reasons may cleaner is duty bound every 6/8/10 hourly etc. comes to check and change/clean etc.

Urine or stool is nothing but toxics/acids released by the body, if it remains stuck to the body will cause burning of the top layer of the skin to start with , and due to the posture of the patient being same, second time, third time etc. the same place is affected repetitively causing the wound to worsen.

It gets stuck there only and results in wounds becoming worse, deeper as a result bed sores generally.

It will be generally near to the tail bone, hips etc.


Pressure Sores, such are the Sores caused due to a person lying in one posture for a longer duration on a hard surface, especially if a person is in COMA or backbone fractured or other kind of diseases making lower limps in- active etc. Such are the sores developed at back, side hips, anckles etc.



Such are the sores caused due to carelessness of small wounds especially diabetic patient where is due to excess glucose in the blood the recovery is very slow. Also sometimes as generally happens with the Diabetic patients the Veins carrying the bad blood for purification are blocked and may result in a Gangrene, kind of Gengrene ,septicemia etc.

Further the veins getting blocked where in the reversal movement of the bad blood to heart for purification is restricted and accumulates there only and worsens and become Gangrene ,developing blackish ends with accumulated dead cells, tissues and bad blood.

All such bedsores/wounds over the period and being kept covered with accumulated dead tissues, cells and bad blood will develop foul smell making it difficult to stand near the patient.

Such infected wounds are to be kept open to get more of oxygen/air for healing but we cover it up with Gauges, tapes etc. restricting the oxygen flow & open air healing touch.